June 14, 2011

Vegan Potato Beef

I try and think of different meals to make for My Family. I had some Gardein Vegan Steaks in my freezer and some sweet petite peas. With coming up with the concept, I kept thinking "Menudo." I didn't think about the potatoes, until I glanced over at our fruit bowl. I had a bag of Organic red baby potatoes. Vegan potato beef it was! :)


Petite sweet peas

Organic red baby potatoes

Vegan Beef Steaks (Gardein Brand)

Seasonings: tomato powder, garlic powder, sea salt, fresh ground pepper


Heat pan with garlic oil and brown potatoes til' nice and tender, add vegan steaks and cook. Lastly, add sweet peas and season to taste til' blended well!