January 25, 2011

Vegan Vietnamese Pho'

I was craving for some Vietnamese Pho' for quite some time now. I wasn't sure how to make it Vegan style. It was my first time experimenting and I was brainstorming on ingredients used in making the dish. I added a little extra ingredients, that may make the broth a little bit more flavorful! I roamed the aisles of Whole Foods and found a Vegan chow mein style noodle (O'Hana brand). And I went from there, it turned out very light and delicious!

Vegan chow mein style noodles (O'Hana Brand)
Vegetable low sodium broth
Chayote squash
Quoron chicken tenders
Organic fresh mint
Fresh Thai basil
Sea salt & Fresh ground pepper to taste

Ingredients for garnishment:
Organic fresh cilantro
Green onions
Sliced white onions
Fresh sliced jalapenos

Directions for Pho':
Boil vegetable broth
Add sliced/diced chayote squash and quoron chicken cutlets (simmer til' cook)
Add mint and basil (season with salt/pepper to taste, to your liking)
Add vegan chow mein style noodles
Ready to eat!
Garnish and squeeze some lime

Note: You may want to keep trying the soup to season to your liking! I like mines spicy, so once the Pho' is cooked, I put a slice of jalapeno in it.. to give it that extra kick :)