January 26, 2011

Vegan Marinara Chicken

I had some chicken cutlets in my fridge, and kept thinking what I was going to make out of them. Grind them, cut them up and saute', or with a sauce? I decided to make a sauce, something light, yet flavorful! Marinara goes well with just about everything, especially chicken! To top things off, a green vegetable, and some quinoa & whole grain brown rice. :) Nom Nom Nom...

Chicken cutlets
Broccoli rabe
Whole grain brown rice
Whole grain quinoa

Ingredients for Marinara sauce:
1 carton (grape or cherry tomatoes... or any tomato that you prefer)
2 crimini mushrooms
2-3 fresh minced garlic cloves
2 tbsp of fresh chopped basil leaves
2 tbsp of olive oil

Heat the olive oil in a sauce pan, over medium heat. Add minced garlic, stirring til' slightly brown. Add the tomatoes, when they get hot enough, they will burst. Stir in fresh chopped basil and crimini mushrooms. It's that simple! Enjoy!

Ingredients for Broccoli Rabe:
Broccoli rabe
Vegan butter
Himalayan pink salt
Fresh ground pepper
Lemon zest
Spanish extra virgin olive oil

Heat pan with oil, and add vegan butter. Stir in Broccoli rabe and season to taste. (salt, pepper & lemon zest)

Ingredients for Rice:
Whole grain brown rice
Whole grain quinoa
Garlic olive oil
Sea salt
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Dried parsley
Dried garlic
(any spices you want to add, to liven it up)

Depending on how much you want to make, the amount of ingredients you need varies.
You will need to boil some water with oil, then add the brown rice and quinoa. Cook til' rice is tender (add water if needed/hard). Once rice is tender, add all the seasonings to your liking.

(any additional questions? you are more than welcome to email me... or message me on any of my blog networks) :)