May 20, 2011

Whole Wheat Veggie Farfalle

Leftover vegetables from last nights dinner? Chop them up, get creative, and make a pasta dish! :) I had some whole wheat farfalle in my pantry, and some leftover fresh veggies in my fridge. I had a taste for some pesto. So I put all three together, and came out with this delicious whole wheat veggie farfalle!


whole wheat farfalle

asparagus, petite carrots, corn on the cob, red bell pepper (all vegetables purchased at fresh52 farmers market)

3 tbsp garlic oil

1 jar of pesto sauce

seasonings: salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, lemon zest


Boil water (with a pinch of salt and olive oil) cook farfalle til' al dente and drain

Dice all veggies and set aside

Meanwhile, coat pan with garlic oil and saute veggies

Add farfalle and pesto sauce stir together

Season to taste

Top with galaxy vegan parmesan cheese (optional)