April 03, 2011

Vegan Black Pepper Steak

After a long day at my Daughters dance rehearsal, we enjoyed some Vietnamese cuisine together. While waiting for our food, I was looking out the window and saw an Asian Supermarket. We decided to check it out after dinner. It was surprisingly bigger than I had thought. They had a variety of fresh Asian vegetables. I picked up some baby eggplant, bak choy, camote leaves & some korean peppers.

This is what I made with the ingredients I purchased from the Asian supermarket, on Eastern avenue and Pebble.


Vegan black pepper steak (Whole Foods), Bak Choy & Baby Eggplant Heat garlic oil in a pan, cook vegan steaks as directed on package. Add eggplant and stir til' cooked (don't overcook). Then stir in Bak Choy (don't overcook). No need to season, due to the sauce of the vegan steaks. I don't like my vegetables well done, I still like a crisp texture. Enjoy over Brown Rice!